Haobo Stone

Haobo Stone Company Limited is the factory, sales and shipping together company. Our main products included : Tombstone, Headstone, Monument, Kerb Set Tombstone, Slabs Tombstone, Childen’s Monument, Lawn Memorials, Churchyard Memorial, Bench Memorial, Upright Monument, Specialty Monument, Granite Mausoleum, Granite Markers, Gravestone, Cemetary Vase, Tombstone lamp, Memorial Plaque, Marble Urn, Granite Columbariums, Granite Worktop, Counter top, Vanity Top, Granite and Marble Basin, Floor tiles & Slabs, Tub Surrounds, Pavers, Cobble Stone, Curb Stone, Slate, Staircase, Baluster, Fireplace, Ball Fountains, Water Feature, Natural Stone Lantern, Stone table, Animal Sculpture and so on. We can supply all the exotic and domestic granite and marble with competitive price. At present we have exported the products to more than 35 Countries.

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HAOBO STONE COMPANY, 2016 предлагает новый материал Neues Material Luxury Gold

2016-2-19 16:1 | views

Мы предлагаем новый материал Neues Material Luxury Gold. 
Новый материал очень подходить для изготовлении балясин, мозаик, колонн, и плитки для полов.
Объем очень большой, в слэбах и блоках.